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Michael's Bio

With dearest Ellie Mae, 2005.

These Days

As I write this, I look back on thirty years of traipsing around Colorado's outback. With well over a hundred- thousand cycling miles, more than a thousand summits of peaks, rock walls, and desert towers, and thousands of photos clicked off, I feel very close to the mountains and desert lands of Colorado and the states of the Four Corners.

Having gained the wisdom of a seasoned rider, and with live coverage of the international tours and classics, not to mention the USA Pro Cycling Challenge being right in my backyard, my passion for cycling runs as deep as ever.

Writing "Road Biking Colorado -The Statewide Guide" has enriched my life immensely and the support and enthusiasm of my readers has been tremendous. Getting the opportunity to update RBC for 2012 is very exciting, it's been a whirlwind project and well worth the effort.

These days on any given day you'll find me rock climbing or peak bagging in the high country, shooting photos, or happily cruising my bike along one of the many roads snaking their way through the mountains west of the Denver-Boulder area.


Above: Drinking hot Jello in a snow cave at 12,00ft. 

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Origins of RBC

As a youngster I dreamed of living and playing in the mountains, I loved going camping and climbing anytime I got the chance. As I developed my cycling skills I started venturing into the mountains on a bike as well, and moved to Aspen as soon as I was old enough to get out on my own.

  In Aspen I started racing and was inspired by watching the pros come through during the Coors Classic Bicycle Race, it was a thrill to see the likes of Greg Lemond, and the legendary Bernard Hinault wizzing by at break-neck speeds. Let's not forget the original 7-11 team with riders like Andy Hampsten, Ron Kiefel, and Davis Phinney. Racing out of Grewal Sports at the time made it extra special when Alexi Grewal won road gold at the '84 Olympics in Los Angeles.
  It was hard to focus on bicycle racing alone, I had many interests I wanted to pursue in the alpine paradise of the Colorado outback. Gaining experience in mountaineering, rock climbing, landscape photography, and general all-season backcountry travel techniques were important goals.
  I never lost my passion for cycling, countless roadtrips exploring the endless world class cycling routes around the state fed my passion and became tradition. That tradition became the dream of this guide.

Right: In 2002 on CO 105 near Sedalia. Photo: John Fielder

Above: Filming on Mount Evans at 13,00ft. with fellow roadie Cindy Sanchez. Photo: Allen Jones.

Below: Scouting Mount Evans in 2011 before filming with EpicRides for an indoor training virtual route video. Photo: Allen Jones.

The early years; chasing Olympic dreams on Independence Pass near Aspen, 1985. This shot was taken for a Hind clothing catalog, one of the perks of winning races. Photo: John Russell-Team Russell Photography.


Below: Rappin' a route in Garden of the Gods. Photo: Allen Frame Hill.


Perfect Conditions On Mount Evans

In August of 2011 cyclist Cindy Sanchez and I teamed up to be filmed riding 14,000 ft. Mount Evans for a virtual cycling spin video series called epicRIDES. It was a blast! Allen Jones of Epic Planet TV makes some of the best spin videos around and it was a great pleasure to work with him on this project. Check out the preview clip to the left for a glimps of one of America's greatest dream cycling destinations.

To purchase this video go to
http://epicplanet.tv/ where Allen will be glad to help.